Meet Margret-Anne

Margret-Anne Cummings   Author, Coach & Wisdom Teacher

Margret-Anne Cummings

Author, Coach & Wisdom Teacher



Margret-Anne Cummings is an author, professional coach and wisdom teacher. She enjoys life and has been meditating daily for 23 years.

Since 1998, Margret-Anne has been facilitating groups, teaching and coaching. 

Margret-Anne explains and honors the wisdom teachings of many traditions. She offers these teachings with youthful expression and everyday practical applications. Join us here for spiritual wisdom for the heart and soul, practical tools for the body and mind. 

Margret-Anne delivers practical and inspiring programs, classes and products in order to add more ease and joy to the lives of others and to create a better world. 

Certifications & Trainings:

  • Meditation & Breathwork Teacher (1998, 2000)

  • Professional Co-Active Coach Training (CTI of San Rafael, California 2003)

  • Certified Creative Insight Course Instructor (Dr. Michael Ray SGBS)

  • Certified Creativity in Business Instructor (Dr. Michael Ray SGBS)

  • Yoga 200 Hour Teacher (Moksha Yoga, 2006)

  • Certified "Parent as Coach" Coach (2003)

  • Advanced Coach Training (Awakened Wisdom School, 2010)


  • Spiritual Mentor

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Parenting Teacher

  • Women's Wisdom Circle Leader

  • Public Speaker

  • Wisdom Coach & Intuitive Guide

  • Workshop Leader

  • International Retreat Leader

  • Author of "Clear, Calm & Bright: Meditations for Morning, Noon & Night"

  • Leading Guided Meditations

  • Painter/Artist - All artwork on website is original

Leadership Experience:

  • Meditation Workshops

  • Listening to Your Heart Workshops

  • Yoga Workshops

  • Women's Day Retreat

  • International France Retreats

  • Creative insight 8-Week Group/Private Courses

  • Creative Insight for Children

  • Garden of the Deep Feminine (original course)

  • Women's Balance & Parenting Speaker

Feel the Love: What People Are Saying About Margret-Anne’s Work and Her Meditation Products

“Margret-Anne’s work is one-of-a-kind. She immediately put me at ease and guided me to connect with my higher self. She is insightful, intuitive and supportive. Thank you so much, Margret-Anne, for being the transformational healer you are!” ~~ Dawn Richerson, Creative Revolutions Inc.

“I thought that the noon meditation was great!
I’ve been searching for something like that which incorporated release, breath and intention.” ~~ John Maio, M.S.

“I had been using the Clear Calm and Bright meditations for some time and enjoying them, but a recent stressful situation showed me just how indispensable they could be. I was travelling and had 2 days of travel and weather fiascos. I desperately needed to relax and re-group. Finally, I pulled out my Ipod to listen to the Clear Calm and Bright morning and afternoon meditation. The meditations erased a lot of the stress and tension and I felt so much better!” ~~ - Gretchen Hagle, Tennessee, Environmental Council