Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Guidance Sessions

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Conscious PARENTING Private Sessions

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Creative Insight Course

Creative Insight Intro Workshop: Practical Tools & Tips for Everyday Success

Unleash the Power of your Creative Thinking!
Join Margret-Anne Cummings, certified Creative Insight Course Instructor, to transform your awareness, creative thinking & leadership skills. Professor Dr. Michael Ray created this course to increase the success and fulfillment of his Stanford Business School students. The course has over 20 years of proven results – from high level corporate executives to everyday people of all career paths. (60 minutes)

Creative Insight 8 Week Course: 

Uplift and Shift Your Life with the most effective 8 week course ever!

A powerful course in self- mastery, creative thinking, success and life fulfillment; based on Stanford University’s ” Creativity in Business” class.

Join in on this Transformational course called “one of the most profoundly life changing courses taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. ” This course is based on the Stanford class called “Creativity in Business.”  It was designed and taught by Dr. Michael Ray-  who also directed my training this year to become a certified Instructor of Creative Insight Course, the 8 week course based on the SGBS 10 week course. 



Based on Stanford Business school’s “Creativity in Business” Course, and scientifically researched, with 20 years of proven results and lives transformed….from high level corporate executives to everyday people of all ages and career paths.

Kids & Teens Creative Insight - Small Group Course:                                                                              All the great tools brought into an easy and accessible package for a younger audience. "LifeSkills" Toolbox that isn't available in traditional schools. 

Private One- on -One Courses:
For the highest level of care, knowledge & growth: geared to your personal goals and schedule. For Business leaders and Conscious Individuals.

Special Groups: YOUNG Adults – Ages 18 to 23
Creative Insight course to meet the needs of young adults. Whether just graduating from High School or College or somewhere in between, This Powerful Course with the skilled direction of Margret-Anne Cummings, is the “LifeSkills” Toolbox that no one teaches our children in any other “school.”